1:30 p.m

Doors Opening

2:00 p.m

HR Village Discovery

Exhibition area – 20 HR Startups & Innovative HR Partners

3:25 p.m

Welcome Word

Fabien Amoretti, Head of Innovation, Farvest

Workplace Design - Warm-Up Conference
3:30 p.m

Keynote I - Workplace et impact des couleurs sur le bien-être & performance

Jean-Gabriel Causse, Workplace Design

3:50 p.m

Keynote II - Office staging : une esthétique de la performance

Sarah Jafarshad-Rajei, General Manager, Bleu Vert Concepts

4:10 p.m

Keynote III - Situation "Extrême" de gestion

Pascal Lièvre, explorateur polaire et spécialiste des environnements extrêmes

4:30 p.m

Startup Insights

6 innovative HR startups’ pitches

4:45 p.m

Networking Coffee

Exhibition area – 20 HR startups & innovative HR Partners

The Future is now - Empowering HR (conférences en anglais)
5:15 p.m

Keynote IV - Employee experience: a reflection of your product experience

Noor Van Boven, Chief People Officer, N26

5:35 p.m

Keynote V - The Future of Intelligence

Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist, Google, Inc

6:10 p.m

Keynote VI - The Future of Memory

Dr Julia Shaw, Memory hacker, Psychological Scientist & Co-Founder, SPOT

6:30 p.m

Networking Cocktail

8:00 p.m

Luxembourg HR One Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony